The 5 Best Rick and Morty Hoodies for Bipedal Humanoids

Finding a gift for someone you love is always a challenge. You can rack your brain, learn and study their interests, and spend hours searching for that perfect representation of how much you care.

Or you could just get them a Rick and Morty hoodie. Better yet, get yourself one and forget about them.

The Existence is Pain Hoodie$40

Rick and Morty Hoodie

Mr. Meeseeks, everyone’s favorite problem solver, is here to tell it like it is. This Rick and Morty hoodie is perfect for anyone with nerve endings and a dry sense of humor.

You can pick up this awesome piece of social commentary for just $40 on Amazon.

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The Rick Mug Shot Hoodie $30

Rick and Morty hoodie

Rick Sanchez is one crazy dude, so it’s no surprise that he finds himself locked in inter-dimensional prison from time to time. However, it’s clearly his disdain about being used as a prop in consumer marketing that has him looking displeased.

You can pick up this Rick Sanchez hood for just $30 on Amazon.

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Alternate Dimension Hoodie $30

Rick and Morty Hoodie

Reminiscent of the first season, this hoodie takes you into a whole new world of weird and wonderful. Grab your portal gun and take a trip to an alternate dimension with this Rick and Morty hoodie.

You can pick up this awesome hoodie for just $30 on Amazon.

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Sassy Rick Hoodie $20

Sassy Rick Hoodie

Are you tired of boring conversations with people who have no idea what they are talking about? Well you’re in luck, because this shirt can finally say what your polite, domesticated ass never could.

You can pick up this Rick and Morty hoodie for just $20 on Amazon.

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The Schwifty Rick Hoodie$30

Rick and Morty Hoodie

Uh oh, looks like rick has gone and taken schwifty to a whole new level. His expressionless face tells you he doesn’t care, but his drunken peace sign let’s you know he’s got your back. Or is he just trying to flip you off?

You can pick up this melted and blurry rick hoodie for just $30 on Amazon.

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Updated 10/25/2017