Udder Nonsense


Young James is strolling down a dusty worn out path watching the sun gently dip beneath the horizon. The dying light twinkles across the landscape, filtering through scattered trees. James is visually overwhelmed by the beautiful scene before him. He looks fervently to the left, smiling at what looks to be a wooden fence losing it’s battle against persistent brambles.

Shifting his gaze beyond the barrier, he sees lush green grass reaching into the open sky–his eyes finally come to rest on a beautiful bovine lethargically grazing in the distance. Facially, James stays tries to stay calm and emotionless, but it’s obvious his inner-child is filled with glee at the sight of such a glorious mammal.

“Moo!” He calls out, desperate to get the creature’s attention. But alas, his sudden and emotional outburst only seems to reach a terrified passerby.

“Mooooo!” he calls out again. The cow snaps it’s head in his direction, clearly drawn to the strength and duration of his second moo.

His inner cow is overjoyed at the experience, and for a moment, he seriously considers joining her in the open pasture.

But then he decides to go get ice cream instead.


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