The 8 Best Adventure Time Toys for Kids, Adults, and Other Sentient Life Forms

Either you’re here because you love Adventure Time, or someone you love can’t get enough of it. If for some reason you find yourself here for neither reason, then I suggest you go watch Finn and Jake have some awesome adventures and be better for it.

If you’re still here, then I assume you’re looking for some whimsical toys straight out of Ooo or you are the ultimate Adventure Time fan. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up a completely subjective list of the Best Adventure Time toys out there.

The Adventure Time Toy Finn Sword $16

Best Adventure Time Toys Finn Sword

Okay, who wouldn’t want a Finn sword. With the wear and tear of your previous battles comically evident on your weapon of choice, you could be unstoppable! Or you could give it to a kid or something. Whatever.

You can pick up an Adventure Time Finn Sword for just $16 on Amazon.

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Funko POP! Adventure Time Jake Toy Figure $9

adventure time Jake toy

Every desk or shelf could be made a little brighter with this awesome Jake toy. You can look at him gleefully as he waves his arms at you in the noodliest fashion imaginable.

You can snag this adorable little Adventure Time toy for only $9 on Amazon, or check out this large selection of other characters.

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Adventure Time BMO Plush Toy $17

bmo Adventure Time Toy

BMO, everyone’s favorite sentient Game Boy pal is here and he’s ready to snuggle. This soft, plush toy is the best option for young kids or giddy adults. You can always count on BMO to be there for the good times.

Pick up an Adventure Time BMO Plush Toy for just $17 on Amazon, or check out this large selection of other plush characters.

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Adventure Time Finn Backpack Bag with Finn Hat $35

Adventure Time Finn Backpack

Whether you’re putting together an awesome costume or know a child who yearns to be Finn the Human, this classic combo is the way to go. All you need is a blue shirt and the transformation is complete.

You can pick up this awesome combo for just $35 Amazon.

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Lego Adventure Time Toys $40

Lego Adventure Time Toys

Watching your favorite Adventure Time characters groove through their wacky existent is always fun, but playing with them is better. This Adventure Time Lego set lets you build 8 classic characters to adventure with.

Grab this awesome Lego set for a discounted $40 on Amazon.

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Adventure Time Finn in Jake Suit $12

Adventure Time Finn in Jake Suit

Finn and Jake are a wonderful team, but not nearly as unstoppable as when they combine into the ultimate hero. With Jake suit Finn you get two characters for the price of one, and you get them at their best.

You can pick up this Adventure Time toy for just $12 on Amazon.

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Adventure Time Plush Ice King$10

Adventure Time Plush Ice King

The ruler of the ice kingdom may look a bit scary, but he’s actually quite soft. If you’re looking for a tiny bearded companion to keep you, then this little Ice King is your guy.

You can find this fuzzy little fellow on Amazon for just $10.

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Adventure Time Plush BMO Backpack$32

Adventure Time BMO Backpack

What’s better than having BMO at your side? Having that cute little robot on your back. BMO will hold on to whatever you need, and smile with mischievous innocence.

You can pick up a BMO backpack for $32 on Amazon.

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Updated 10/22/2017